How Does Plasma Blockchain Central Bank Digital Currency Work?

What is CBDC?

Throughout human history, we’ve seen multiple forms of money emerge to meet societal demands — from bartering and gold to coins, notes, and credit cards. Today, we see the emergence of digital value (cryptocurrencies). Central banks are taking note and are accelerating research and experimentation into their own digital money: Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). CBDC is digital money recognized by law as a means of payment or storage of value. It improves on the inefficiencies of storing and transacting with paper currency. At OMG Network, we believe that the ability to transfer value globally and without restrictions is a fundamental human right. CBDC — as a new form of value — is no different. And the potential positive impact of enabling CBDC to reach a wider audience with Plasma technology is incalculable.

CBDC powered by Plasma

Enable the future of money, improve monetary policy implementation, and encourage economic growth with the power of plasma blockchain. Encourage economic growth, improve monetary policy implementation, and foster financial inclusion with the future of money powered by Plasma Blockchain Technology.

The OMG Network is the value transfer network for ETH and ERC20 tokens. The OMG Network allows users can move digital assets faster, cheaper, and at the same level of security as Ethereum.



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