China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Richard Turrin

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Richard Turrin
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Early next year, or perhaps a bit later, China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) will be ‘live’.
It will be the first major economy in the world to operate one.
What does it mean?
What effect will it have?
Why is it even using one?
That’s what this month’s issue is all about. Hopefully, it will answer those questions and much, much more.
As we pointed out in previous updates, I reached out to author Rich Turrin to discuss his new book, Cashless: China’s Digital Currency Revolution.
Living in Shanghai for the last decade, Rich experienced China going cashless firsthand and has a unique combination of banking and technology skills that allow him to bring this story to life. Rich is an independent consultant whose views on China’s astounding fintech developments are widely sought by international media and private clients.
Below is an hour-long conversation about everything related to China’s CBDC.
As far as I’m aware, Rich’s book is the most up to date and comprehensive one in the world on China’s CBDC. If you’re interested in how the future of money is going to look, I highly recommend checking it out.

It raises the question, though, who is doing capitalism better?
We didn’t get into that discussion, but after you finish watching this interview, I think it’s a question you will ponder.
I hope you enjoy it…
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